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Passenger tracking & process measurement Internship F/H

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VINCI Airports, premier opérateur aéroportuaire privé au monde, assure le développement et l'exploitation de 45 aéroports au Brésil, au Cambodge, au Chili, au Costa Rica, aux États-Unis, en France, au Japon, au Portugal, en République dominicaine, au Royaume-Uni, en Serbie et en Suède. Desservi par plus de 250 compagnies aériennes, le réseau de VINCI Airports a accueilli 255 millions de passagers en 2019. Grâce à son expertise d'intégrateur global, VINCI Airports développe, finance, construit et opère des aéroports en apportant sa capacité d'investissement et son savoir-faire dans l'optimisation de la gestion et de la performance et dans la conduite de projets d'extension et de modernisation. En 2019, son chiffre d'affaires total géré s'est élevé à 4,9 milliards d'euros, pour un chiffre d'affaires consolidé de 2,6 milliards d'euros.

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Passenger tracking & process measurement Internship F/H

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Work placement agreement

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VINCI Airports, as the leading private airport operator in the world, manages the development and operation of 45 airports. Reporting to the Operations Director and the Operations Project Manager (Intern Supervisor), your main objectives will be the following :

-Research industry guidelines and best practices for process measurement methodologies using manual and automatic measurement techniques, applicable to airport passenger processes.

-Review the existing VA KPIs related to passenger process and queuing, definition, measurement methodologies.

- Survey and engage with the VINCI Airports network to:
o Identify and optimise the KPIs used at each airport, definition and methodology of measurement and reporting
o Determine what systems[i] are deployed for pax tracking, queue measurement, process measurement, heat mapping and other related activities across all areas of the passenger journey from kerb to gate
o Capture the return of experience for each of the systems deployed e.g. What are the benefits, disbenefits, capital and operational cost models etc
o Collect the key documents used in the process for specifying proof of concepts, system trials, procurement processes and other similar activities
o Coordinate and facilitate VINCI Airports project team and organise/facilitate the transversal projects identified by this group

- Research the current global market and engage with suppliers and potential suppliers to identify
o What systems are currently available, what are their key features and benefits, limitations, cost models etc?
o What is the medium term (3-5 years) development plan and how could VINCI Airports benefit from these planned developments?
o How do these systems compare in terms of functionality, cost, and future potential?

- From the information obtained :
o Consider the key passenger processes of check-in, security, immigration / emigration and boarding and how these systems and methodologies could best be used to measure and optimise the processing of passengers and passenger experience. It is important not to be limited by the current applications of these technologies. Consolidate and define a set of KPIs related to passengers’ process as part of the airport performance system.

o Define for each process/KPIs the measurement methodology independent of a technical solution. e.g. define the measurement area boundaries, optimum and minimum sample sizes, etc.

o Consider the passenger journey from a retail, food and beverage, advertising perspective and consider how these systems and methodologies could best be used to measure and optimise dwell time, passenger flow patterns, and spend patterns  etc. in order to optimize the commercial offer and increase commercial revenues

o Define the minimum system requirements and priorities when implementing such technical and manual measurement solutions

o Prepare generic documents (specifications, tender,…) for the use of VINCI Airports network.


- Generalist, Civil, Electro-mechanical, Industrial or aviation/aeronautical Graduate Engineer with high interest in airport projects and airport operations.

- Responsible for overseeing the successful completion of projects tasks.

- Knowledge of airport operations and security environment and airports in general is an advantage.

- Willingness to work in an international, multi-cultural, transversal (Operation, technical, maintenance,…) and business oriented context

Required skills:

- Rigor and developed communication/coordination skills.

- Outgoing, endowed with recognized relational qualities;

- Strong leadership, autonomy, proactivity

- Team player and self‐motivated / ‘can-do’ attitude

- Ability to convey, assimilate and summarise technical contents, project outcome and results internally or externally; to colleagues, clients or other stakeholders, in the form of reports or presentations.

-  Language: Fluent English (mandatory, written and spoken), French (optional). Most of the discussions and documents will be in English.

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Bachelor’s degree

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English (Fluent)

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12/14 rue louis Blériot