V.I.E Finance (Controlling, Financial Planning and Financing) F/H

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VINCI Airports, premier opérateur aéroportuaire privé au monde, assure le développement et l'exploitation de 45 aéroports au Brésil, au Cambodge, au Chili, au Costa Rica, aux États-Unis, en France, au Japon, au Portugal, en République dominicaine, au Royaume-Uni, en Serbie et en Suède. Desservi par plus de 250 compagnies aériennes, le réseau de VINCI Airports a accueilli 255 millions de passagers en 2019. Grâce à son expertise d'intégrateur global, VINCI Airports développe, finance, construit et opère des aéroports en apportant sa capacité d'investissement et son savoir-faire dans l'optimisation de la gestion et de la performance et dans la conduite de projets d'extension et de modernisation. En 2019, son chiffre d'affaires total géré s'est élevé à 4,9 milliards d'euros, pour un chiffre d'affaires consolidé de 2,6 milliards d'euros.

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V.I.E Finance (Controlling, Financial Planning and Financing) F/H

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International assignment contract

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18 months

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Aeropuertos Dominicanos Siglo XXI (Aerodom) has been part of the global airport platform VINCI Airports since April 2016.

Aerodom manages and operates six airports in the Dominican Republic, under a concession contract granted by the State, which runs until 2030.

Aerodom is responsible for the International Airports of Las Americas, José Francisco Peña Gómez in Santo Domingo; President Dr. Joaquín Balaguer, in Santo Domingo Norte; Gregorio Luperón, in Puerto Plata; María Montez, in Barahona and President Juan Bosch in the province of Samaná; as well as the Arroyo Barril Local Aerodrome, also located in Samaná.

Aerodom handles an annual average of 5 million passengers, with 76,610 aircraft movements. Through its airport network, 49 airlines connect the Dominican Republic with 63 cities in the world.

Duties & responsibilities:

The VIE will report to the CFO (VINCI expatriate, based in Santo Domingo).

The direct reporting to the CFO will be a unique opportunity for the VIE to learn about the various financial functions in the concessions business (Structured Finance, Controlling, Financial Planning, Accounting,…) and to develop his/her financial and soft skills.  

The main functions of the VIE will be:

- Manages the financial Models

- Produces and manages financial reporting tools for senior management

- Analyses the company’s performance on a monthly basis by reviewing gaps between results and objectives/budgets

- Draws up year-end forecasts based on budgets amended to account for events during the period under review

- Produces the main financial statements, based on the company’s results to date, the estimates for the current year, and  the strategic objectives set by top management

- Establishes budgeting procedures and ensures operation-side staff outside the finance department apply them

- Produces budget overview documents and the comprehensive formal document that will serve as a guide throughout the year

- Reconciles statements, accounts and results in reports and dashboards


Works with ample level of autonomy, reporting directly to the French CFO.

Being part of VINCI Airports, one of the worldwide leaders on this business.

Opportunity to develop the required skills for a finance manager/CFO position in the future.



Qualifications :

- In-depth knowledge of management control techniques, tools and data reporting processes

- Analytical skills and ability to synthesise

- Knowledge of financial markets

- In-depth understanding of financial models

- The ability to analyse and negotiate financial documents

- Fluent English

- Proficiency Spanish 

- Self-motivated, self-driven, ability to take challenges

- Creative, curious and pro-active


V.I.E of 18 months (renewable 6 months), based in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic)

Applicant criteria

Minimum education required

Bachelor’s degree

Job location

Job location

North America, Dominican Republic

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Santo Domingo, Domican Republic