Pricing Specialist Junior M/F

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ANA is responsible for managing 10 airports in mainland Portugal (Lisbon, Oporto, Faro and Beja Civilian Terminal), in the Azores (Ponta Delgada, Horta, Santa Maria and Flores) and in Madeira (Madeira e Porto Santo). Focused on innovation and efficiency, we work on a daily basis to provide our visitors with a unique experience and the best services.
Our mission is to efficiently manage our airport infrastructures and to contribute toward the economic, social and cultural development of the surrounding communities. To provide our customers with a world-class service offering, while enthusing our shareholder and motivating our people.

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Pricing Specialist Junior M/F

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The Pricing and Economic Regulation mission is to manage activities related to B2B Pricing and Economic Regulation, by coordinating charges and incentive policies to simultaneously leverage sustainable traffic development and revenue growth, Its main responsibilities are:

  1. To propose goals, set priorities, define resources and assess results for Pricing and Economic Regulation.
  2.  To ensure conformity with all regulatory mechanisms under the concession contract and other legislation applicable to ANA, namely:
  3. To coordinate and define, in conjunction with the airports, the pricing strategy (regulatory charges, non-regulatory charges, monitored charges and other charges of a commercial nature) and the traffic development incentive system, ensuring that they are aligned with the company’s commercial policy and efficient infrastructure management, to leverage suitability to the market and increase service revenues;
  4. To ensure the financial control of marketing support and incentives offered to the airlines in an integrated manner with monitoring regulatory charges per airline;
  5.  To perform comparative studies of airport charges (regulatory, non-regulatory and monitored), incentive systems and economic regulatory models for a better understanding of best market practices and to improve systems in place;
  6. To coordinate the updating of charges in ANA's billing system and to support development processes resulting from changes to the rate structure, in conjunction with the departments with related responsibilities in this regard.


  • Analyse Pricing Data - use various quantitative and qualitative methods to analyse prices, and track customer engagement to get a complete picture of effective pricing strategies for ANA's offerings. Ability to adapt and produce innovative pricing patterns and alternatives that respond to changing and unstable markets.
  • Develop Forecasts and Models - play an important role in ANA forecast revenue information. Use a variety of statistical modelling methods to prepare reports that show the potential impact of various pricing strategies, including their effect on margins and costs and how they will impact profitability and sales volume.
  • Determine Pricing and Marketing Strategies - work closely with sales and ·        marketing to develop and enact competitive pricing strategies.
  • Monitor Industry Trends - recommend pricing strategies that closely align with these trends. By actively monitoring industry trends, be able to also develop strategies that take advantage of untapped market segments and help the company gain market share in new avenues.
  • Develop pricing tools - use pricing tools developed across the company to respond more quickly to changing market needs or trends.
  • Present findings to key decision makers - translate complex data into actionable strategies and techniques to drive sales and improve marketing efforts, as well as prepare both written reports and visual presentations to share their findings.

It's not mandatory for candidates to speak Portuguese, although preferable.

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Master's Degree or Higher Education

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  • French (Fluent)
  • English (C1 (very advanced))

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Europe, Portugal, Lisboa

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Rua D Aeroporto de Lisboa