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Engineering Assistant (F/M)

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VINCI Highways, filiale de VINCI Concessions, est un leader des concessions, opérations et services de mobilité routière. VINCI Highways conçoit, finance, construit et opère des autoroutes, réseaux urbains, ponts, tunnels et services de péages sur un réseau de plus de 4000 km dans 16 pays. VINCI Highways met à profit son savoir-faire pour garantir les meilleurs standards de performance et de sécurité et assurer une expérience positive aux automobilistes.  



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ASSISTANAT - Assistant service technique

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Engineering Assistant (F/M)

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Contrat à durée indéterminée


Ingénieur & Cadre

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As the world’s leading developer of transport infrastructure, VINCI Concessions helps to improve the daily lives and transport for everyone. It builds and maintains facilities (airports, roads, railways) that serve the public interest.


Operating in 15 countries around the world, VINCI Highways is a leading concessions company and provider of road transport services. Working with local partners, VINCI Highways designs, finances, builds and operates 3,362 km of roads to the highest international safety and quality standards.


The Isle of Wight Highways Maintenance PFI Project includes activities right across the spectrum of local infrastructure including long-term highways asset management, structures maintenance and investment, geotechnical schemes and monitoring, street lighting, traffic signals, and the day-to-day operations of a busy local highway network.


Working within Island Roads Services Limited, the Service Provider for the Isle of Wight Highways Maintenance PFI Project, VINCI Highways is seeking an Engineering Assistant (F/M) to work in this exciting long-term highways project. This role will include:

  • Technical supervision and review of engineering works and service delivery across the project ;


  • Regular performance management reviews and reporting, health, safety and environment reporting and review, contributing to all aspects of the service delivery.


In this role, you will:


  • Ensure Health, Safety, Wellbeing, and Environmental controls through site visits, audits, and committee involvement.
  • Monitor PFI contract compliance, conducting on-site assessments, and fostering improvement.
  • Oversee and certify Major Maintenance projects, ensuring they meet quality standards.
  • Coordinate and take part in SPV quality audits for compliance and best practices.
  • Regularly report environmental and safety data.
  • Represent the SPV in specialized groups.
  • Contribute to CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and knowledge sharing.
  • Administer project correspondence and collaborate on strategy.
  • Deliver ad-hoc technical reports.
  • Identify operational improvements and drive innovation.


Additionally, you will:


  • Build strong relationships with the client Contract Management Team.
  • Develop ties with Operating Company colleagues while ensuring contract compliance.
  • Collaborate effectively with visiting organization representatives.


  • Engineering experience and associated qualifications, preferably in civil or structural engineering, 
  • Experience of project management and performance reporting 
  • Experience of highway infrastructure.


  • Good communication, presentation and written skills 
  • Good level of ICT skills particularly Word & Excel 
  • Good team player who can contribute enthusiastically across the project.


If you are a dedicated and qualified professional looking to make a meaningful impact in project management and relationship building, join us in shaping the future of the Isle of Wight's highways maintenance and infrastructure !

Critères candidat

Niveau d'études min. requis

Bac +5

Niveau d'expérience min. requis

Supérieur à 3 ans

Localisation du poste

Localisation du poste

Europe, Royaume Uni, Angleterre, Londres

OUI = j'exclus l'adresse NON = je n'exclus pas l'adresse


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Isle of Wight